Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence, even if it requires a lot of courage

Violence in families or in relationships is commonplace and has many faces. It happens in all social strata.

The law protects all victims of violence. Under the law, any form of violence is prohibited.Victims have the right and are entitled to protection and assistance. On this website you will find all information about counselling and support facilities the federal state of Tyrol that are available to the victims of violence. Moreover, you will also find information about the forms of violence, as well as legal information.Even if it is hard to break the silence and it requires a lot of courage to contact a counselling centre, help is available! All advice and offers of help are free. The counsellors are bound to absolute confidentiality. If desired, you can also choose to remain anonymous. We want to encourage all those affected by violence to turn to one of the facilities for protection against violence.

The sooner the better!

If you, as a relative or trusted person, hear from a relative or friend who has faced violent assaults, you will find tips for the next steps that you can take with the person concerned here.