Helping the person concerned

Helping the person concerned

I have heard about violent acts. How can I help those affected?

Hearing about or noticing acts of violence among your circle of friends or acquaintances can be a very stressful experience.

Encourage the person concerned to take steps against the violence. However, do not undertake anything without the knowledge or consent of the person concerned. For your own relief and guidance, you can receive advice at a counselling centre.

Give the woman concerned the feeling that you are supporting her in the steps that she wants to take herself. Do not put her under any pressure. Especially after experiencing a violent act during which the person concerned was powerless and where her "no" was not accepted, it is particularly important to accept requests and decisions of the person concerned and thus help her to regain control over her actions. Do not plan or do anything that the person concerned does not want. Decisions need to be worked out together with her. Give her the address and phone number of violence counselling centres and women's shelters or accompany the woman there.

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