I am victim of violence

I am a victim of violence

Violence can happen to any woman. It affects women of all ages, classes and cultures, in different circumstances and situations: in relationships, at work, with friends and acquaintances...

If you are affected by violence, it is important that you seek help, even if it is hard to break the silence and it requires a lot of courage to contact a counselling centre. This step involves the chance to find sympathy and understanding, safety and a way out. The sooner the better.

Help is available! – Free, confidential and anonymous on request.The law protects all victims of violence. Under the law, any form of violence is prohibited. You, as a victim, have the right and are entitled to protection, security and assistance.

Violence is not only when you are beaten, abused or raped. Violence is also being controlled, humiliated and insulted. But there are always ways out of violence.

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