When will free antigen tests become available in Tyrol?

From Saturday, 19 December 2020, all people resident in Tyrol can have a free antigen test to check their current coronavirus status. The minimum age for children is 6 years. You can register for the antigen test online. Those who are unable to register online can use the telephone registration service available via the health advice line (+43)1450. See here for an Overview of the drive-through screening centres. Here you can finde an overview of participating doctors. There is also the possibility to get tested in a pharmacy. 

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please notify the health hotline on 1450. Anyone who has tested positive within the past three months should equally not take part in the screening.

Where are the antigen tests carried out?

The free antigen tests are carried out in screening-centres, at doctors' practices and pharmacies in all districts of Tyrol. 

Can I also be tested in a different district than my home district?


Is it necessary to register for a free antigen test? 

Yes. You can register for the free antigen test online at www.tiroltestet.at. Please note: Registration for a test in a doctor's practice need to be done directly via phone or email. Registration for a test in a pharmacy is possible on the website www.oesterreicht-estet.at

What do I need to bring along to the test? 

To confirm your registration, you will receive a text message with a link to a website. Please show this text message or the web link to staff at the screening centre. If the registration took place by phone, you will be provided with a test number.

How often can I be tested for free with the coronavirus antigen test?

This testing scheme is intended to give all people in Tyrol the opportunity to check their current coronavirus status on their own initiative. The free antigen test can be requested on an ongoing basis. PLEASE NOTE: A negative antigen test does not mean you no longer need to adhere to safety measures. Please continue to observe social distancing, wear a face mask and maintain appropriate hand hygiene.

Who should not have an antigen test? 

People who are experiencing flu-like symptoms should notify the health hotline on 1450 as previously, or register for a PCR test via the Online notification tool of the Tyrol emergency control centre.

The following circumstances prevent a nasopharyngeal swab test from being performed – for your own safety and in consideration of the given hygiene conditions at the setting:

  • Difficulty breathing through your nose (e.g., if you have a cold, an injury, polyps, a deviated septum or you recently had surgery in the area)
  • Congenital or acquired blood clotting disorder (e.g., if you have haemophilia or are taking blood thinners other than Thrombo ASS)

For more information, see the Medical information.

Is the test compulsory?


How much does the test cost?

The antigen tests in screening centres, at docotors' practices and in pharamcies are free of charge. Please check the lists of participating doctors and pharmacies first.

Why is Tyrol offering free antigen tests?

The testing scheme provides all people in Tyrol with the opportunity to regularly check their current coronavirus status at their own initiative. This provides people with up-to-date information on their health and enables them to protect the health of their fellow citizens. The tests are aimed at people who are symptom-free and carry the virus unknowingly. They can infect other people, for whom the disease may cause severe symptoms. That's why it's important that as many people as possible continue to get tested, allowing us to detect infections and take measures to prevent the further spread of the disease in Tyrol.

I don't have a car. How should I travel to the antigen test centre?

For a precautionary antigen test, you can travel to the screening centre by any preferred means (car, public transport, bike or on foot). When using public transport, please adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear a face mask and observe the relevant hand hygiene measures.

PLEASE NOTE: If you've already had a positive antigen test and you need to have this verified with a PCR test, please travel to the drive-through screening centre on your own and do not use public transport. You are at this point already classed as a suspected Covid case. If you have no independent means of transport, please contact the health hotline on 1450.


Which test is carried out as part of the free antigen test initiative? 

The screening centres perform rapid antigen tests. This involves taking a nasopharyngeal swab test, which can detect the presence of the virus and provides a result within a short period of time. They are safe and, in the vast majority of cases, painless.

Can people who are not Austrian citizens and are not resident in Austria also have a free antigen test? 

The testing campaign is aimed at all residents of the state of Tyrol. Still, tests in pharmacies are free for people without a resident in Tyrol too. 

I have already been infected with coronavirus. Should I get tested? 

Yes, if you need the test for traveling or other purposes where a negative test is required. 

How long does the test take? Will there be queues?

The test only takes a few minutes. The waiting times at the drive-through screening centres cannot be predicted. They depend on the number of people needing to be tested.

Who carries out the tests? 

Only trained staff of the Red Cross, Arbeiter Samariter Bund, Johanniter Unfallhilfe and Malteser Hospitaldienst will be taking the samples and reading out the test results at the screening centres. 

Is the test painful?

The procedure involves taking a swab from the nose with a cotton bud. The test isn't painful, but it may feel uncomfortable.

Do antigen tests entail any risks that need to be considered?

Yes, the test may trigger a reaction and in rare cases may cause injury. For more information, see the Medical advice.

I am in quarantine. Can I have a precautionary antigen test?

No, if you are in quarantine you cannot have a free antigen test. If you are experiencing symptoms, please immediately contact the health hotline on 1450 or register for a PCR test via the Online notification tool of the Tyrol emergency control centre.

Will I receive confirmation that I have had the test? 

You will be digitally or verbally informed of your test result. A positive antigen test has to be verified by a PCR test. You will automatically receive a further notification, which entitles you to renewed entry at a drive-through screening centre.

Test result

Where and when will I get my test result? 

You will receive your result by text message or via phone call. If your antigen test is positive, you will receive a further notification via the 1450 service, as the positive antigen test result will have to be verified with a PCR test. This further notification acts as a "referral" to a drive-through screening centre and entitles you to enter.

I don't have a mobile phone. What do I need to do to receive my test result?

You have the option to provide your landline number so that you can be advised verbally of the test result. Alternatively, you can also take the test at a doctor's practice or in a pharmacy. 

What happens if the antigen test is negative? 

A negative result only represents the moment in which you took the test and does not free you from your obligation to adhere to safety measures. As part of the "Tyrol Gets Tested" antigen testing campaign you can repeat the antigen test for free at any time. Be sure to continue adhering to the preventive measures: wear a face mask, keep a safe distance to others, maintain appropriate hand hygiene and limit your social contacts. If you start experiencing symptoms, please call 1450 or your GP immediately.

What happens if the rapid antigen test is positive? 

If your antigen test is positive the result needs to be verified with a PCR test. This will also be carried out at a drive-through screening centre. For this, you will automatically receive a notification from the Tyrol emergency control centre. The notification acts as a "referral" to a drive-through screening centre. Please have the PCR test carried out as soon as possible. If you are unable to drive to a screening centre, perhaps because you don't have a car, please contact the health hotline on 1450.

IMPORTANT: Once you have received a positive antigen test result, you are classed as a "suspected Covid case". This means that you should voluntarily self-isolate as a precaution, apart from when travelling to the screening centre. Please drive to the screening centre alone, or adhere to the relevant safety measures. Do not use public transport. For further information, see the Information leaflet for people requiring diagnostic confirmation. The result of the PCR test is binding. If this is also positive, the health authority will place you under quarantine. Further information is available here: Information leaflet for people with a positive coronavirus test result.

If my antigen test is positive, do I need to have a PCR test immediately? 

Yes. A positive antigen test makes it compulsory to follow-up with a PCR test and to self-isolate.

My antigen test is positive but I have no means to drive myself to a screening centre. What should I do? 

Please ask a member of your household to drive you to a screening centre. Make sure you are both wearing a face mask, maintain at least one metre distance and have the vehicle windows slightly open. If you are unable to get a lift, please contact the health hotline on 1450.

What happens if the PCR test is positive? 

If the PCR test result is positive you are classed as a confirmed coronavirus case. Official guidelines state that you have quarantine for ten days. The health authority will provide you with further information regarding your contact persons and/or other members of your household.

I have a negative antigen test result, but my child's result is positive. May I drive my child to a screening centre? 

Yes, you may drive your child to the screening centre. If you are unable to do so, for example because you don't have a car, please contact the health hotline on 1450.

Can I go to work immediately after having the test?

If your test result is negative, you can go to work straight away. If your result is positive, you must immediately self-isolate at home.