Driving bans in winter for Tyrol

Driving bans on secondary roads as emergency reaction against massive evasion traffic

Driving bans on secondary roads – exceptions for destination and originating traffic and residents only.

As of now, driving bans are in force for several secondary roads in the area of Innsbruck and Wipptal. This regulation has been implemented by the Regional Government of Tyrol to act against the massive undesired evasion traffic due to traffic congestion on the motorways during the holiday season.Drivers exiting the motorway won’t have the possibility to bypass traffic jams on regional roads. Exceptions are valid for destination and originating traffic as well as for residents. These driving bans are in effect starting Saturdays, 7 AM until 7 PM and Sundays, 8 AM until 5 PM in both directions and starting December 21th 2019 until April 13th, 2020.

Driving bans for all vehicles

The driving bans are valid for all vehicles in Tyrol and those passing in transit – including cars and motorcycles. Destination and originating traffic and residents are excluded. In cooperation with the motorway operator ASFINAG, electronic notice boards will inform drivers early on about the driving bans. Exiting vehicles will be warned of the driving bans on secondary roads and led back on the motorway. The Tyrolean Government has reacted in self-defence to counter-act undesired evasion traffic which is also due to intelligent navigation systems proposing alternative routes in case of traffic congestion. In this way, Tyrol can ensure the safety and fluidity on regional roads and relieve the population and tourists in the strained towns and villages.

Implementation by police – focus on navigation systems

These measures are based on regulations by the district authority of Innsbruck, Reutte, Schwaz and Kufstein. The driving bans are programmed into the traffic information system of the Ministry of the Interior of Austria and are therefore programmed into the navigation systems. These will calculate the routes accordingly, so no evasion traffic can occur. Furthermore, the Police of Tyrol will be checking at neuralgic points.

The road Brenner Bundesstraße is also under strict observation by the police and the Land Tyrol. Should the traffic situation worsen measures will be taken here, too.

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