Motorbike driving bans

Driving ban for particularly loud motorcycles in the districts of Reutte and Imst

1) General information

The population in the district of Reutte has already been severely affected by noise for years due to the constantly growing motorbike traffic. This is confirmed by the motorcycle noise study Außerfern 2019, commissioned by the state government. Thus, on certain days 3,300 motorcycles are counted on the L 246 Hahntennjochstraße. Measured against the total traffic volume, this corresponds to a share of almost 70 percent.

2) Measures:

Due to the considerable noise pollution for the population living in the district of Reutte, driving bans for particularly loud motorcycles will be imposed from June 10th to October 31st 2020, stationary noise (near field level) > 95 dB (A):

- B 198 Lechtalstraße from Steeg (Vorarlberg border) to Weißenbach am Lech

- B 199 Tannheimerstrasse from Weißenbach am Lech to Schattwald (German border)

- L 21 Berwang-Namloser Straße from Bichlbach to Stanzach

- L 72 Hahntennjochstraße 2nd part from Pfafflar to Imst (pass summit)

- L 246 Hahntennjochstraße 1st part from Imst (pass summit) to Imst crossing Vogelhändlerweg

- L 266 Bschlaber road from Elmen to Pfafflar

3) Period of validity:

The driving ban is valid from June 10th to October 31st 2020.

4) Further information:

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