The Environment

With its geographical location, topography and variety of altitude zones, the Tyrol enjoys outstanding diversity in terms of species and habitats. The natural gems of the Tyrol are its 81 protected areas, which occupy more than a quarter of the Tyrol. They are home to rare flora and fauna and a natural oasis of recreation for the people. The most famous of the protected areas is the National Park Hohe Tauern, which covers some 1800 km2 in the Tyrol, Carinthia and Salzburg. The Tyrolean share of this, the biggest of the Austrian national parks amounts to 611 km2 and lies in East Tyrol.

The Tyrolean authority has regional responsibility for the 2020 Energy Strategy and is a member of the Climate Alliance in the Tyrol. Matters of environment significance are dealt with by several organisational units within the regional government, especially with regard to refuse, the soil, chemicals law, climate, noise, air, nature protection, environmental education, environmental law, the woods and water.

The Environmental Law Office produces an annual environmental protection report, which is submitted to the Tyrolean Parliament and is made available online on the official website of the Tyrol.

Environmental funding

The Tyrolean Regional Government works to protect the natural environment and includes an item in the budget for grants in support of the preservation and management of the natural countryside in keeping with the goals of the Tyrolean Nature Protection Law (2005). The Department of Environmental (in German) Protection accepts and approves applications for nature protection and forest ecology work in the framework of Austria’s 2007-2013 Rural Development Programme. An annual budget of about 40 million euros is employed in the following categories: biotope management, protection of the species, landscape management, environmental education and public relations, protected areas, and nature protection research and planning.

Environmental services

The Office of the Tyrolean Ombudsman for the Environment - Tiroler Umweltanwaltschaft (in German) - represents the interests of the world of nature and the environment in the Tyrol. It invites citizens to voice their concerns and initiates innovative and sustainable projects.

"Energie Tirol" (in German) was established as an independent source of advice in support of eco-friendly energy technologies and the economical use of energy. Counselling is provided above all in the fields of energy saving systems for residential and commercial buildingsand environmentally friendly heating systems.

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