Parliament’s supervisory role

The Tyrolean Parliament has control over the regional government in that it elects government members, supervises their actions and, under certain circumstances, can remove government or individual members thereof (through a vote of no confidence).

Further political rights of control

- Right of interpellation (the right to question members of the regional government)
- Right of resolution (the Tyrolean Parliament can have a say in how Parliamentary Administration is run)
- And the possibility to appoint boards of inquiry to investigate matters of Parliamentary Administration.

According to the Tyrolean Regional Constitution, the Tyrolean Parliament has special control over the executive branch in that it has the right to establish, by resolution, the regional budget – upon which all regional operations are based – and decide on staffing plans. The regional financial statement must be submitted to Parliament.

In addition, specific issues of regional economic governance and asset management require the approval of Parliament.

Within the framework of operational auditing, the Tyrolean Parliament has at its disposal its own supervisory body, the Regional Audit Office, in addition to the Austrian Audit Office.

Special means of judicial control

- Right to apply to the Constitutional Court to repeal a regional law on the grounds of it being unconstitutional (the petition must be made by at least one third of members)
- Right to bring a case against members of the regional government before the Constitutional Court for culpable breach of the law and criminal acts.