Regional Ombudsman

Duties of the Regional Ombudsman

The Regional Ombudsman must advise every person that requests support on matters regarding the administration of the province and relevant matters of federal administration. Furthermore, he must hear complaints. He is responsible for all fields dealt with by the office of the regional government ("Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung"), district administrations, Innsbruck town council as well as all municipal authorities of the Tyrol.

The Regional Ombudsman must immediately deal with every complaint. If he is unable to resolve the matter himself after interviewing the complainant, he must contact relevant organisations for information and assistance and inform the complainant of the result of his actions as soon as possible. The Ombudsman exercises administrative control and is in office to protect citizens from malpractice by official bodies and authorities.

The Regional Ombudsman is impartial

The Regional Ombudsman is a body of the Tyrolean Parliament, only accountable to Parliament and independent of the regional government. He must present an annual report of his activities to Parliame

Regional Ombudsman:
Dr Josef Hauser