Sport has a special status in the Tyrol; it is a key element in the way the Tyroleans see themselves and the way the Tyrol is perceived elsewhere. In the “leading land of sport”, elite sports are just as important as recreational sport, fitness and special needs sport, and modern fun and trend sports. In the age of telecommunications, sport is no longer “the most important irrelevance in the world”; it is a basic social phenomenon.

Sports service facility

The Department of Sport at the Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government is responsible for all aspects of sport, including administrative tasks for the Regional Sports Council and the targeted promotion of sport. It is active in the fields of mountain sports and skiing, general sports business including financial support, events, statistics, documentation, club sports, school sports and the annual sports calendar.

Financial support

The Tyrolean Regional Government is very much aware of the enormous importance of sport, especially for young people. It provides financial support via the Tyrolean Sports Promotion Fund in accordance with the provisions of the 2006 Tyrolean Sports Promotion Law. Funding is available for clubs involved in a sport that is recognised by the Regional Sports Council, sports associations and federations, Tyrolean municipalities, and other legal entities with registered offices in the Tyrol. The 4.5 million euros made available annually out of the Sports Promotion Fund are used primarily to finance individual sports events and the activities of the various cubs, associations and federations, to construct and refurbish sports facilities, and to promote youth work.


The Department of Sport is responsible for maintaining up-to-date documentation on the field of sport in the Tyrol, including the Calendar of Sports Events, and the Tyrolean Sports Annual. Support is also provided for historical research and documentation of the history of sport in the Tyrol with a special focus on mountain sports and skiing and the history of skiing. Records are also kept of the annual sports statistics and results, the Athlete of the Year Award, and various other awards made to athletes and officials.

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