About us - Core values

Core values

Our core values of the year 2011 define the guiding principles for the strategic orientation of our institute. A central mission of the TBI Grillhof is the promotion of lifelong learning. Inspired by a holistic educational concept we offer trainings, seminars and workshops for executives and employees in higher education and cultural management, as well as local and public administration. In addition to our in-house trainings and governmental courses national and international events are also being held to make full use of our facility’s capacity. Our educational work is guided by customer orientation and quality management.


The history of the Grillhof can be traced back to the year 1494. In 1494 the Grillhof was erected by Sigmund Grill and is located on the Paschberg plateau, above the village of Vill. The Grillhof was first designed as an educational centre on the occasion of the memorial year 1959 (150 years of Tyrolean fight for freedom). The concept of the ‘Volksbildungsheim Grillhof’ (public educational center) is closely related to the history of the ‘Heimvolkshochschulen’ (Residential Adult Education Centers) in Germany and Denmark. On October 19, 1961 the Grillhof started its educational work headed by senior officer Ing. Hermann Weber. In 1998 the Grillhof and the media center were merged to form the TBI.